100 Things to Celebrate: REcycling

The year of 2020 will go down as the year of “RE” in my book. Words like Re-imagine, Re-tool, Re-think, Re-launch, Re-Open (hopefully soon!)…I could go on and on! So, on that note, I turn to one of my favorite words – Recycle. Yes, we often recycle at Illusions of Grandeur, although actually we call it repurpose. We redesign (another RE word) things to make them more accessible, more user friendly, and more on trend. In this case, however, because we have not had any events to showcase for over 4 months, we are going to start an ongoing Instagram we are calling Throwback Thursday.

Basically, you will get to see the evolution of Illusions of Grandeur. Some of you may even have been a part of the events you will see. Please be kind to us when you see things like shimmer curtain, those were the times.

Sometime in the early 90’s a very creative Catering Director from the Hyatt Regency Monterey came up with menus that showcased all the wonderful culinary options we have available right here on our Peninsula. One of them, of course, featured our abundance of fish/seafood. The Liberty Fish Market, shown here, seemed to be a regular at corporate clambakes where the buffet was served from pier tables and lit with wharf lamps. Fast forward twenty years and clambakes are still a popular and interactive event for groups coming in from out of town. Our gray wash tables, as shown here, feature a runner of illuminated rock, industrial lamps and trattoria chairs which have since replaced the fish market. Time marches on and we are blessed to march with it!

As we enter our fifth month of “shelter in place”, it has been fun to look back and remember how much fun this journey has been. Remember-another RE word!

Hope you enjoy!