100 Things to Celebrate: Summer

Nature is an amazing thing – if you are attuned to its rhythms it seems life flows naturally. Summer is the Season of Abundance and it surely is. It is associated with the element of fire (a bit scary if you live in Carmel Valley) and the color yellow (although people have different opinions of this.) It is the season of growth and maturation which is obvious in gardens bursting with flowers and vegetables. It is also the season that Illusions of Grandeur barely has time to breath, much less enjoy the sunshine and the beach!

Some of our most creative and fun clients come in the summer and it is a whirlwind of work and energy. Needless to say, we have missed that this year. On our weekly Zoom call, as we continue to honor the Shelter in Place – Phase 2- I try to be upbeat and encourage everyone to enjoy a long overdue summer break. I know I have not had one for 35 years and I am guessing that most of the team has not either! What is amazing to me, and truly gratifying, is that people still want to work. Speaking for myself, I think it is the creative collaboration that is what is really missing from our day-to-day lives.

But for now, we each celebrate summer in our own way and look towards the time we can all be together again, and barely have the time to breath!