100 Things to Celebrate : Thinking Big

As some of you may know by now, we have started a weekly Instagram post that we call Throwback Thursday. Given the fact that we have not had an event since mid-March, we have decided to dig into the history and recycle some of our favorite and sometimes “not so favorite” events from the past. Talk about Memory Lane!

One of the most memorable took place in June of 1999 at Carmel Valley Ranch. The hotel was fairly new and we had so much fun working with their team! The meeting planner for the event was one of the more creative planners we have ever had the opportunity to work with. He had branded their conference “Think Big” and wanted the opening party to play off that. So, the research began…

Every table paid tribute to a different “thinker” from Dr. Seuss to Albert Einstein. We went on a search for old telephones (Alexander Graham Bell) to Architectural plans (Frank Lloyd Wright). This seems so timely right now as we need, probably more than ever, big thinkers!

Hats off to the health care workers making difficult decisions every day and to the scientists working on a vaccine for the virus that has upended our lives! You are certainly among the things to celebrate!