To Our Dear Clients and Friends,

The last time I reached out with an update was the end of May.  It is hard to believe that we are almost into December and still what seems to be an unending pandemic. 

A lot has happened in that time.

Our Illusions family has had moments of celebration…  

  • the birth of Leah Cabrera on June 19
  • the birth of Hugo’s nephew William Montes on April 3
  • the birth of Lukas Byrne on Thanksgiving ~ Kris’s nephew
  • the graduation of Christian Durand from Carmel High
  • the return to Cal Poly for Carlos Zarate

We have shared moments of grief…

  • The slow and steady decline of mothers ~ Lezlie Johnson’s, Britta Arnold’s and Kris’s
  • The saying good-bye (for now) to Andrew Bailey and Kayla Boughton
  • The death of Moose ~ Britta’s beloved dog
  • The cancellation of a very well planned Bar Mitzvah ~ for Rizal Baguio

It seems like it is always darkest before the dawn, as they say, and certainly there are glimmers of hope amidst this difficult time. 

Behind the scenes we have been working to upgrade our systems and inventory as well as update our website and other marketing materials.  We have felt moments of “normalcy” when we have the chance for a “socially distanced” outdoor lunch with friends and clients.  We have started working on programs for 2021 which feels like a breath of fresh air.  We are buoyed by our weekly Zoom meetings that keep us connected.

And through it all we keep marching, one foot in front of the other, with hope for the future and a sincere wish to connect with all of you when the time feels right. 

Stay safe, stay well and we look forward to when we meet again.