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Chuckwagon 48"x120"x48&#34'H

Two tiered Market Carts 36"x60"x96"H

Market Stands 29"x60"x102"H

Vegetable Cart 27"x60"x45"H

Vendor Carts 32"x48"x84"H

Trellis 96"x144&#34'x114"H

Vintage Trellis 144"x144"x114"H

Circular Arch 96"round x 96"H

Vintage Barn Doors 10"x1"x10"

Market Lights

Stainless Steel Pyramid Heater 20"x22"x99"

Gold Wave Vases 18"x18"x47"H

Gold Urns 36"x36"x48"H

Black Urns 25"x25"x58"H

Crystal Chandelier 30"x30"x43"H

Vintage Chandeliers 20"x20"x27"H

Bird Cage Chandelier 21"x21"x24"H

Set of faux Crystal Chandeliers 14",16",24"

Driftwood Chandelier 60"x60"x36"H

Sphere Chandelier 30"round

Wire Sphere Chandelier 31.5"round

Wrought Iron Chandelier 38"x38"x12"H

Tiffany Chandeliers 53"x53"x39"H

Wooden Boxes with oversized Edison Lightbulbs 9"x72"x48"H

Wood Boxes with teal Glass Pendants 9"x72"x30"H

Billiard Lights 60"x16"x16"H

Moroccan Lanterns 1 36"x36"x32"H

Moroccan Lanterns 2 12"x12"x26"H

Moroccan Lanterns 3 16"x16"x32"H

Moroccan Lanterns 4 16"x16"x32"H

Rectangular Chandelier 60"x10"x33"H

Acrylic Spheres Chandelier 96"x96"x48"H

Ginkgo Tree 120"x120"x132"H

Ginkgo Tree 168"x168"x132"H

Teepee 36"x36"x144"H

Photo-Screens 39"x63"H

Frames 36"x47"

British walkthrough Telephone Booth 48"x 48"x96"H