100 Things to Celebrate: Flowers

Among the many exciting projects we have been able to work on this year, I have to say that watching the beautiful floral creations going in and out of here has certainly been a joy. Always looking for “the deeper meaning”, I ran across a book that seemed to resonate with something our florist, Lezlie Johnson, would also like. It is called The Magic of Flowers by Tess Whitehurst (Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota, 2013) and goes into quite a bit of detail about the history, the uses both medicinally and spiritually and so much more about various flowers. Lezlie then educated me on the fact that each birth month is also associated with a flower.

“October’s birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos. With its golden blooms that match the color of autumn leaves, it’s no wonder the marigold is fitting for this fall month. Marigolds symbolize fierce love, passion and creativity. In addition to their beauty, marigolds also have a long tradition of being used medicinally to heal inflammation and skin problems. Cosmos flowers represent peace and tranquility. They come in bright colors like orange, pink, and purple. They also attract bees, so are a great flower to grow to draw pollinators to your garden!”

Here’s to October birthday’s and all they represent!